Washington, DC – On Thursday, October 5, 40+ C-suite level executives graduated from Nearshoring and Sustainable Investment in the Americas, an online seminar developed by Georgetown’s Latin America Leadership Program (LALP) at the McDonough School of Business and the Center for the Advancement of the Rule of Law in the Americas (CAROLA) at Georgetown Law, in collaboration with the HUGE Business and Investment Council.

HUGE invited high-level leaders and executives in the operational, finance and legal areas of companies based in Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador to the course. Over five weeks, the executives explored how new regulatory frameworks and economic issues could benefit or challenge the Latin American region across different sectors while codesigning potential alternative solutions to applied scenarios and discussions.

Banco CUSCATLAN, a large private bank located in El Salvador and a HUGE Founder, sponsored 10 of the executives that took the course. During Thursday’s closing ceremony, Eduardo Montenegro, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Banco CUSCATLAN said, “We believe that this course has offered you and your companies an unrivaled opportunity and the advanced knowledge needed to become an attractive investment partner for North American companies that are looking to generate business, investment and employment for our compatriots, and thus promote economic and social development of our country.”

Before the culmination of the program, participants had to present an applied project, where they shared their proposed solutions to a defined problem or challenge related to Nearshoring that they were facing in their company or organization. Here, they were able to apply the skills and knowledge acquired during their time in the program.

The United States, Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador all have a historic opportunity to capitalize on competitive advantages of nearshoring through coordinated regional activities. The HUGE (Honduras, USA, Guatemala, El Salvador) Business and Investment Council represents the first joint effort of private sector job creators from all three Central American countries and their United States counterparts to drive massive job creation in these countries. The goal of HUGE is to contribute to the creation of the “American Dream” in the Northern Triangle through the generation of sustainable jobs, effectively reducing one of the key causes of illegal immigration to the United States.

“HUGE is supporting training executives and workers in the region to play and win the nearshoring game. HUGE is pleased to collaborate with Georgetown University to offer this training to senior executives in the companies of our Founders and their clients. We will work with these executives and Georgetown to develop a network within and among their companies to put this into practice. We thank HUGE Founders Ficohsa and Banco Cuscatlan for sponsoring many of the participants,” said Greg Huger, HUGE Executive Director.