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The HUGE Business and Investment Council leads a variety of interrelated activities that build momentum for investment and job creation rooted in sustainable social benefits, while leveraging advantages of nearshoring.


Nearshoring has and continues to be a competitive advantage for the countries of the Central American Northern Triangle, especially as interest grows around reducing the United States’ commercial dependency on Asia. Northern Triangle manufacturing offers logistical and geopolitical advantages due to its close proximity to the United States. We analyze key industries with opportunities to shift business, by engaging and supporting companies operating in China to promote gains of relocating operations in Central America.

A Facilitator for Investors

The HUGE Business and Investment Council is based in Washington, D.C., and will connect with business and civil society organizations in each of the 4 countries to provide pivotal support to companies doing business in or seeking to do business in the Northern Triangle. Our on-the-ground outreach allows us to raise the Northern Triangle’s visibility as a destination for investment projects.

Institutional Support and Advice

The D.C. office of HUGE will maintain ongoing relations with the Inter-American Development Bank, World Bank Group, and the U.S. International Development Finance Corporation, as well as major private and public financial institutions to offer, in coordination with other relevant organizations in the region, its assistance and support to potential investors in projects in the Northern Triangle and the United States.

Sponsorship of Investment Projects

We are developing criteria for HUGE sponsorship of investment projects that would be considered by financial institutions such as banks, venture capitals, private equity and insurance firms, and government financing organizations, to support the evaluation of prospective projects.

Development of Clusters

HUGE will facilitate communication between companies in specific clusters that have been demonstrated and verified as priority sectors. This will occur through targeted outreach with the goal of encouraging and identifying obstacles to conducting principled business negotiations in the Northern Triangle and the United States and advocating for reforms to remove these roadblocks. Founders and investors will emphasize education and career training, healthcare benefits, affordable housing, and sustainable, reliable access to energy.

The Value at Stake

The HUGE Business and Investment Council’s value proposition is focused on four sectors for cluster development and their potential to boost regional competitiveness.



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