Solving Problems, Seizing Opportunities

The HUGE Business and Investment Council stands apart in its work, connecting the private sectors of the Central American Northern Triangle countries and the United States to encourage a favorable environment for strategic regional investments.

Win Win Win

This regional alignment offers economies of scale, opportunities to enhance infrastructure, and competitive advantages, all of which can permanently benefit the region. This is how a WIN WIN WIN will be achieved:

Win for the United States government by reducing illegal immigration

Win for United States companies by increasing the participation of closer qualified suppliers

Win for the Northern Triangle by fostering growth, competitiveness and employment in the region

We help create quality jobs, industry growth, and social prosperity that can counteract challenges that precipitate illegal immigration, recurring climate-related disasters, commercial dependency from Asia, and COVID-19’s monumental impact on society, jobs, and geopolitics.

Advantages Abound

Several conditions set the stage for successful United States and Northern Triangle private sector investment projects and growth. We have plans to leverage each and every one of them.

Seize unique opportunities

  • Geopolitical shifts bringing manufacturing and services closer to North American markets (nearshoring)
  • Growing regional digital commerce platforms expanding opportunities for the creation and expansion of new businesses

Leverage untapped assets

  • A young workforce within close geographical and time-zone proximity to the US
  • Regional champions providing sustainable and socially responsible goods and services
  • Facilitated access to trade with the US through US-CAFTA trade agreement

Generate Sustainable Employment

  • Responsible, reputable employers create and sustain an environment in which the American Dream can be achieved at home
  • Competitive salaries and long-term worker benefits including but not limited to healthcare, security, education, and skills training
  • Safe, protected living communities with affordable housing, reliable childcare and transportation, and powered by clean energy with access to clean water

Institutional Support

HUGE was designed to be a counterpart to United States policy initiatives in the region and specifically those that are intended to connect the private sectors of the four countries. The Founders of HUGE will encourage key decision-makers to cultivate favorable conditions for doing business that will ultimately create a meaningful quantity of new, well-paid jobs. As a corollary, HUGE will work hand-in-hand with Washington to:

Increase favorable visibility of the region and private sector by influencing decision-making oriented to the general benefit of both the population and business climate

Develop regional projects that will support job creation

Become a point of reference for policy leaders on issues related to investment in the Northern Triangle


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