Today, we had the privilege of attending a US Trade Policy Update hosted by CAMTEX. The textile and clothing sector is facing challenges in 2023, but the CAFTA-DR supply chain is making efforts to increase trade flows and investment by collaborating with various US institutions and identifying opportunities. The event was opened by CAMTEX President Jose Escobar and welcomed by Executive Director Patricia Figueroa. Ron Sirini, Director of Sorini, Samet & Associates, provided a US Trade Policy Update, while Andrew Samet, Director of Sorini, Samet & Associates, discussed efforts to prevent child labor and their implications for the CAFTA-DR supply chain. Joel Hirst, a staffer in Senator Bill Cassidy’s office, provided updates on The Americas Act and its effects on the region. Lastly, a panel discussion was held on how to enhance commerce and investment in the CAFTA-DR supply chain, featuring Sara Beatty, Senior Vice President at NCTO, Julia Hughes, President of the US Fashion Industry Association, Johanna Hill of CA TRADE Consulting, and Patricia Figueroa. We are grateful to CAMTEX for the opportunity to participate in this insightful and significant conversation and look forward to future events.